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Wwww.Maritalhope.com is an online ministries web-blog which emphasize the catalog about relationship, marriage affairs and it advancement. It showcases the dept concept about marriage, giving hope for everyone seeking for divine marriage reconstruction or marital breakthrough.

Maritalhope.com is a place where your knowledge about marriage will be enlighten, because there is nothing like a Heavenize marriage without misunderstanding or uproar and that is what makes it more interesting.

Marriage is an interesting segment in transit of life because it involves up and down hits and no marriage has ever remains perfect. Marriage involves the act of development, building and enhancing the productiveness of your partner. Marriage isn't a selfish umbrella or Heaven's where you lay your bed. No, isn't a bed of rose but rather a mining companionship, a solidify rock where you dug in order to discover and mined the hidden or undeveloped potentials of your partner unto a finish goods.

The reason why some marriages are in turmoil and apparently at the verge of Civil-war is due to ignorant. Thus two companion or mining partners are both ignoramus. They virtually don't understand the basic concept and reason why they got married.

Marriage isn't about having "s**ual intimacy" because you will be tired and even feed-up about it. Marriage isn't about "completeness" because in most cases your body, soul and spirit are bound to be crushed by marital pressure.

Marriage isn't about been "protective" or secure under your spouse because there is no maximum security guarantee in marriage, it's a place of spiritual warfare. Marriage isn't about running from "life pressure", troubles, families and poverty and getting covered under marital umbrella, because in marriage you're always exposed!

Marriage isn't about making "babies" or producing dozen of children because either babies or no children, there must be marriage and no babies was ever produced in Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:18 "And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him"

Hence, in nutshell Marriage simply means “THE ACT OF LIVING WITH ONE ANOTHER", associating, interacting and nourishing one another in love. Marriage is a means of "living together with someone" in unity and peace, either he/she is devil, demon, witch/wizard, good, rich, poor, lazy, illiterate, educated, dwarf, giant or Lion, you must learn how to live with such person till death, and that is simply what maritalhope.com was created to emphasizes. You can Contact Us  Maritalhope@gmail.com