3 November 2017

How To Receive Divine Marriage Connection For Spinsters And Bachelors

How To Receive Divine Marriage Connection For Spinsters And Bachelors

Many spinster and bachelors  are presently perturb due to marital stagnancy. Some single sisters has lost hope of ever getting married due to overage while some brother are not even thinking about marriage due to lack of finance and poverty looming around their life.

Hence in this article i want you to acknowledge that there is hope for you in marriage. There is a divine marriage connection coming ahead of you if only you shall abides unto godly instructions. I advice you should believe in yourself. Don't lose your faith and neither allow any external intruder to dictate your life or cause you to feel dejected or discourage due to marital stagnancy.


There was a sparkly sister who was due for marriage but none is ever ready to behold her face. One fateful day while in church service she decided to take the bull by the horn and presented her request unto God. She wrote "God give me my husband before i leave this church fellowship"

After church fellowship, as she step out of the church and a young lad drew her attention and said, "someone ask me to collect your phone contact" She reluctantly gave-out her contact and in few days she was summoned by the marriage committee and in few weeks later, both her traditional and church wedding was concluded. And today, she is happily married; Praise The Lord!

I don't know the gossips and intimidation overclouding around you all this while due to marital stagnancy. I need you to focus your faith unto God because he isn't yet through with you. Whatever transpire, don't ever gives room for discouragement, ensure you keep your faith alive because there is a divine marriage connection coming on you way very soon!


At this moment, the perfect place you could behold great potential and unfulfilled dreams and visions is in the silent grave yard. The grave yard had swallowed many unfulfilled goals, intellectual and dreams of great men of caliber whom the Lord has risen to be a shadow unto majority.

Someday ago, i meant a deliverance minister and while discussing he said, "The Lord has blessed and bestows great potential, talent, riches and glories upon many people but unfortunately most of them had been hindered and their dream terminated by household witchcraft and evil powers. There are many waiting for them rise into stardom in-order to aid them financially, spiritually and emotionally, but unfortunately they have been subdue by principalities and powers of darkness.

The irony scenario is that God will certainly request from such person the record book of his/her earthly works while on earth and such person will be amazed when he/she shall behold huge crowd of helpless and frustrated folks whom didn't benefit from it beam light"

However, it might seem bewilder to behold some nuggets who find it terribly hard to succumb unto the existence of powers of witchcraft due to spiritual ignorant. Nevertheless, irrespective of your spiritual ignorance and academic degree, i want you to understand that the spiritual realm always control the physical activities. The degree of your spiritual life shall determined the strength of your physical achievement or exploits.

  1. Salvation: The first act to attained before ever pondering of getting a divine marriage connection is to embraced Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as your Lord and personal savior because without him you are absolutely nothing and can't obtained any heavenly blessing from the Almighty God. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
  2. Church Fellowship: You must ensure you always honor church fellowship and also mid-weeks service in the church. This will serves as a catalysts that will boost your faith in the Lord. The holy ghost will drew closer to you and ushered your mind unto heavenly purpose. This act will makes you to behold earthly marriage as a perishable reunion which added no vital input toward your heavenly glory.
  3. Bible Reading: You must devote your time unto scriptural reading and meditation because marriage isn't a child game. You definitely need the guidance of the word of God to helps build a successful marital life. Hence as a single, you must cultivate the habit of reading about 2-4 chapters of the Bible everyday. This will keep your mind to connected spiritually and helps you to abhor from every forms of immoral friendship with the world.
  4. Praying And Fasting: The notion of praying and fasting can't be over emphasized while seeking for a divine marriage connection in the life of spinster and bachelors. You need to cultivate the act of fasting at lest once per week and spend about one hour on your kneel every morning and night consistently because in most cases, your singleness or lack of marital breakthrough might due to witchcraft manipulations. Hence, you likewise need an divine power to break-out before the sudden manifest of your divine marriage connection.
  5. Building Friendship: You patiently needs to endured and keep making godly friends, be interactive, lively and jovial because someday you shall received godly ministrations and when it comes you won't have to struggle with your marital proposal because you have already established a moral foundation through friendship.
As it often says "the best person to get married unto is your best friend" because God is wonderful in nature and he often used those around us to make an impact while blessing us. In most cases he seldom used strangers while exhibiting his works but rather closed relations.

So when it come to marital connection you ought to buried your permissive will or whatever documented personal desire in your dairy and faithfully succumbed all unto God's desire. Though his desire might look stupid or foolish but definitely the best.

And mysteriously and miraculously he will certainly connects such person to you and it's left for you to either embraced or reject the offer but he always knew what is best and perfect for you. Though it might take a while to be connected but it worth waiting!

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