7 September 2017

How To Identify God's Perfect Will Wife

how to know God's perfect will wife

One of the toughest thing in life is for a devoted Christian brother to identify God's perfect will wife and blindly embraced her because God's perfect will wife isn't often condoned by many Christians Brothers.

Though getting marry to a devoted God's fearing lady who is perfectly uphold by God is very scarce to behold and if any brother eventual get attracted or behold such sparkly, gorgeous, respectful, knowledgeable and spiritual minded lady, certainly his Heavenly race and vision shall be successful.

However, getting marry might sound so easy and enticing but to remain married in peace and love is the most difficult thing in marriage because it takes the degree of understanding which comprises foolishness, tolerance, endurance and forgiveness.

Some days ago while on top bike (motorcycle) with two carriers, and i was sited while a woman sits behind. In due process of our journey the woman alights but she refuse to complete her transport fee due to nasty excuses. The bike man was annoyed because the agreed fee was not in accordance with what he was offered.

And the woman was also ready for a civil war. However i pleaded with him to overlook though he oblige but very bitterer.  Afterward he shares with me about some ugly ordeals of women. But i felt his pain especially when he narrates about the internal torment he is presently suffering in his marriage.
He said "the worst thing that can overthrown any man is to marry a wrong woman and the most dangerous thing that will crushed any man is to marry a witchcraft or demonic agent"
I added, "you right because you can easily condoned with ugly physical attitude but how can you deal with an ugly spiritual attributes of your wife?

He continues, "That is exactly the horror spot i find myself at this moment. I always labor intensively but i can't account of it resources. It's like putting money in a leaked pocket with holes. It just dawn to me that i marry witchcraft as a wife. My wife has wreck down my life both financially and spiritually"

I responded, "Sir, the situation you behold yourself is the worst scenario because after several marathon of praying and fasting, untying and loosen and joyful expectation of testimonies, but unfortunately within some interval all the broken yokes will be re-activated and problems continues" The man uttered, "Yes, you understand my experience but am just feed-up"

Who Is God's Perfect Will Wife?

The perfect will of God is inclined with God's IMAGE and LIKENESS which constitutes,
  1. Character: The godly attitude of the woman.
  2. Holiness: The Holy standard of living.
  3. Mercy: The tender heart.
  4. Purity: The inward sanctification.
The ill mentality that God has fashioned a specific perfect will wife for you somewhere is a spiritual insanity because such doesn't exist. It's written Proverbs 18:22 "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD" This affirms that there are Millions of God's perfect will wife abound within and around your domain. However the major problem is how to detect or identify them
The irony of this fact is that, sometimes the sister you overlook but only behold as a friend might just be God's perfect will wife  for you while your mindset kept blazing outside — God's perfect will wife is detected or identify inwardly (spiritual) and not built on outward beauty.
How To Identify God's Perfect Will Wife:
  • Divine Eyes:
Yes, men always get enticed with sight and mostly get attracted to beauty and physical posture of women. However as a devoted brother there is need to overlooks beauty, figurine's shape, complexion, academic and intellectual and concentrates inwardly by scanning her spiritual life. What can you attest of her spirituality in term of temperance, peace-making, prayer life, forgiveness, meekness and obedient etc? — You ought to watch keenly with your eyes while seeking for God's perfect will wife.
  • Divine Ear:
Yes, she is spiritually endowed but have you set series of test of trial as a mark of evidence? However she might pretend outwardly but she can't conceal her weakness from her bosom friends. Matthew 10:36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household"

Hence, there is need to runs an external check-up on her through her close friends even without their awareness of your intention. Try to communed with some of her friends and during this course ensure you jokingly divert the discussion in a funny way and slightly focus (be very smart) on your primary target.

Also endeavor to interprets and documents those attestation your heard about her for further processing — You ought to listen keenly to the instruction of the Holy Ghost and not dwells not only on what you heard or discovered about her through her friends.
  • Divine Body Chemistry: 
Women are emotional being but how they respond to issues always differs. Hence there is need for self control while chatting or communicating with her or else the spirit of lustfulness will sprout. You must cultivate the act of self discipline, don't get too attached to her. Set some boundaries, limit your chats and phone calls because there is tendency of her idolizing your image in her heart because women has a lot of unresolved natural loads of issues.

Hence, always ensure you keep digging and don't just focus on single target (one lady) but rather expand and widen your ultimate’s search. Nevertheless, there is also need to consider age limits or maturity because life experience speaketh more than height or body size.

I advice you focus on mature ladies who understand life info because every successful marriage is built on experience — You ought to devote into prayers while seeking for God's perfect will wife and this will empower you to subdue the desire of your fleshy lust.
  • Divine Heart: 
This step involves compiling the whole documented evidence and processing them. How many of these Lady are spiritually endowed? Please don't forget, "You can't behold 100% perfected lady but can only behold few of them who are fair"

However you need to ponder deeply and examined keenly and ensure that these few lady on your list have what it takes to become a good wife material before approaching God in prayers. There is a necessity to approach God in prayers in making the right choice because it's only God who can behold the life sperm of each ladies in your list.

Mr. Death is inevitable and it's not all can attained 50-80 years and the perfect person to consult for final verdict is the Almighty Creator. He shall reveal the perfect will wife that will grew old and helps to nurture your family before interruption of Death because death is a must! — I advice you forward your list o to your pastor or spiritual leader for interceding prayers.
  • Divine Legs: 
These final steps involve taking the godly step to tender your marriage proposal. Though she might not believe it because you are just a dear friend and how come such sudden proposal? Anyway, my brother that is how life rolls and in such situation you will simply echo, "My beloved sister, yes i know you are surprise but the Lord has truly laid it in my heart that you are my wife, please kindly approach God in prayers. I will be here waiting for your reply and even if it takes you 2 years i don't care because my God can't lie and neither has he change"

However at that moment, please don't be scare of her respond because you have just registered your name into her heart and she will always dream about you! Please be bold and be courageous and not shivering like a chick that fell inside gutter because women always appreciate men who are bold and confident.

And lastly; I wish you the best of luck in your quest for golden search Of God's Perfect Will Wife and whatever transpire, please my brother don't rush in choice making because it's very dangerous — Always allow the Holy Ghost to have his way.

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